Antonio Brown’s bromance with Derek Carr

Raider Nation by now is keenly conscious that in recent seasons, it’ s been a rarity to possess a free agent (or a player looking for a trade) to actively wish to come to Oakland. However, that’ t exactly what we saw last week through new Raiders WR Antonio Brownish, who threw out teaser right after teaser about wanting to come to the particular Raiders through social media. Whether exercising in black and silver clothing or posting pictures of themselves wearing a Raider uniform to Instagram, it’ s clear that Dark brown has been all-in to join the Raiders for some time.
A huge part of Brown’s newfound pleasant disposition is the fact that they have a new quarterback in Derek Carr whom he gushed about if they played together at the Pro Dish a few years ago. Brown was eager to get out of Pittsburgh in large part as they did not get along with Steelers QB Bill Roethlisberger, or more specifically the Steeler organization’ s preferential treatment towards Big Ben. Brown said this particular almost exactly a month ago:

Simply no conflict just a matter of regard! Mutual respect! He has a proprietor mentality like he can call away anybody including coaches. Players understand but they can’ t say everything about it otherwise they meal solution going. It’ s a filthy game within a game.

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Sure, Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks get certain perks, they’ ve earned them. But nobody in every area of your life can ever earn so much standing that they earn the right to be dismissive, condescending or disrespectful of those close to them, the people they care about plus who care about them. It’ h pretty clear from Ben Roethlisberger’ s history of character issues (and by that, I mean serious offenses that went unpunished) what kind of man he is.

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It’ s also fairly clear that Brown orchestrated their own trade out of town. He proceeded to go full loony-bin, dyeing his mustache gold and giving an unhinged interview on LeBron’ s speak show. He then personally nixed the trade to the Bills. And yet, whenever Brown got to Oakland, the hair color was gone and so was the mindset. It’ s almost as though the whole thing was an act, made to get him out of town plus into a new contract by any means essential. At Brown’ s press meeting, he was respectful and thrilled, seeming like a man with his mind firmly planted on his shoulders. Today, which version of Antonio Dark brown is the real one?
Unlike a person who get out of a toxic or even abusive relationship, football players don’ t get to take time off to operate on themselves before dating once again. They just go to a new group and do their best. Brown is pretty obviously throwing everything he has into their relationship with Carr, and he’ s giving maximum effort. Let’ s take a look at Brown, in his 1st day as a Raider, showing up suddenly (yet with a camera crew) in order to Derek Carr’ s house.

The term was tossed close to like beer at a Raider tailgate. Clearly, these two men are now bros. Brown complained that Roethlisberger by no means hung out with him, they will never go to each other’s houses. And yet, Carr and Dark brown have already done so, without playing just one down together as of yet.
Not excessive later, Brown and Carr visited a Napa park, which happens to be directly behind Maurice Jones-Drew’ s house, to try out some catch and practice ways. It’ s presumed that Jones-Drew is not the creepo hiding within the bushes to take this footage to promote it to TMZ.

Brown appears in fantastic shape here, and it is already on the same page with Carr insofar as out routes plus deep crosses.

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