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Since the hiring of Kliff Kingsbury as the Arizona Cardinals head trainer, there have been rumors spreading around they would take Kyler Murray using the no . 1 overall pick.
Cardinals T-shirtsWhenever Kingsbury was the head coach pertaining to Texas Tech, he said that he'd take Murray if he possessed the first pick in the draft. Luckily for him, he owns that will pick.
People have used his phrases and started to spread rumors how the Cardinals will, in fact, take Murray, a year after they traded up to write Josh Rosen with the 10th general pick.
But do the Cardinals actually plan to take Kyler Murray?
The concept Murray is a better fit in Kingsbury’ s system than Rosen is simply crazy.
Kingsbury has an interest in the particular Oklahoma product. There’ s simply no question about that. But Rosen includes a strong arm and has played within shotgun air raid formations all through his college career. Plus, they have a year of NFL experience and it is only 22 years old.
Unless somebody is following Steve Keim plus he’ s telling the press that he will take Kyler Murray, this particular idea that Murray will go to the Cardinals is not guaranteed.
The Cardinals have previously expressed serious interest in Ohio State’ s pass rusher Nick Bosa. They took him out to supper and has had great interviews along with every team that he’ s i9000 met.
In my opinion, drafting a player that will isn’ t completely in love with soccer is a huge risk, especially with the number 1 overall pick. In 3 to 4 years from now, what’ h to stop Murray from quitting soccer and going to Major League Baseball?
Rosen provides all the intangibles to succeed in Kingsbury’ s i9000 offense. He’ s not as athletically inclined as Murray but he is able to do everything that’ s requested of him.
He has handled the particular draft and trade rumors very well. He’ s been active from the field, helping the community. He documented to the Cardinals’ facilities in the 1st day of offseason workouts. That’ s what a leader does great Cardinals’ teammates have come out to assist him.
To take Kyler Murray would certainly set the Cardinals back, changing their supposed franchise quarterback right after only one season. This is the Cardinals opportunity to improve the talent around their roster with the belief that they already have their particular quarterback of the future.
For now, rumors are simply rumors. We’ ll find out in under two weeks whether these Kyler Murray rumors will become a reality.

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