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We don't have to tell you how decimated the particular 2018 Falcons were by accidents. Losing guys like Deion Jones and Devonta Freeman had a harmful impact on the team. However, shedding both starting safeties - Keanu Neal in game 1 plus Ricardo Allen two games afterward - undoubtedly had the biggest effect on the defense.
While it's in no way ideal to lose players for the time of year, it's better than they were dropped early on. The hope of getting each guy back in 2019 is still there, yet how soon will that take place? Let's take a look at each player so when we might see them on the industry again.


Keanu Neal experienced a torn ACL against the Philadelphia Eagles on September 6th. For people who follow sports, a torn ACL is a relatively common injury that will almost always end the season for the sportsman. Thankfully, it's also an injury that most gamers can recover fully from. Regular timelines say that an athlete could be back to normal function after 6 to nine months. Six months is regarded as a minimum, as rushing back using this injury can increase the likelihood of reinjury.falconsjerseys400
We know that Neal didn't waste time plus got his ACL repair required for September. Based on that, June signifies the nine-month mark. This did look like Neal was in a great spot during OTAs, though exercise without pads isn't really a great signal.
Coach Quinn has said both men are progressing well, which would have us to believe we'll see Keanu in a limited capacity for camp as well as the preseason but ready to go by online game one of the regular seasons.


As the news for Neal looks great, Allen is a different story. He or she suffered a torn achilles tendon contrary to the Saints on September 23rd. As the timeline for recovering from a ripped achilles is similar to that of a split ACL, getting back to pre-injury type is not guaranteed. According to this research, players that did return through an achilles tear saw dropped performance and fewer games performed compared to pre-injury. Of the 31 gamers that suffered the injury in between 1997 and 2002, 21 of these made it back to play again within the NFL (64%).
Two recent illustrations offer some contrasts as well. Jerrika Peters suffered an Achilles rip in May of 2012 and came back in September of 2013. This individual remained one of the best tackles in the little league even after coming back. Richard Sherman experienced his injury on November tenth, 2017 and was back in the field on September 9th, 2018. Some will point out that Sherman had one of his worst yrs in 2018, though it was on the 49ers team that was poor general, so it's hard to say if their performance has been permanently altered.
All of us did see Ricardo doing on-field rehabbing back in March, which is a optimistic sign of progress. Quinn do note that both Neal and Ricardo are on target to return for exercising camp, but in what capacity is unclear.
It seems likely that Allen is going to be back for training camp, yet will probably be limited in his participation too. I also believe he'll be "ready" for the 2019 season, but whether he's his old self would be the bigger question.
While it's extremely likely both Keanu Neal plus Ricardo Allen will be back for your first game of 2019, exactly how effective they'll be is the bigger issue. We should see both guys back again early in 2019. Hopefully, the can both be performing at a higher level again.

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