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There is no question that Witten feels he produced the right decision to return to the Cowboys. He also has expressed no uncertainties about his ability to help the particular team.
Asked if he had any kind of self-doubt in his return, Witten mentioned, “ I don’ t, yet I also understand that people are going to. I am aware of that. And hopefully, over time, they’ ll see it, right? That’ t the good thing about this game is it often shows. I’ ll be ready.


I realize what the expectations are for me, and lots of that stuff will play out on its. I wouldn’ t make a decision like this if I didn’ t feel like I actually couldn’ t come in there plus help them. That’ s something I thought through a lot before I actually made that decision [to come back]. ”
That all sounds good in theory. However, the reality is that Witten will be thirty-seven when the season starts and he just spent a full year away from soccer. How much he truly has left within the tank is an open question.
Whenever Witten decided to return, there was discuss him accepting a reduced role. There is even a number thrown around upon that.
Witten knows he can’ t play as many snaps when he once did, so he is aboard with 25 snaps per sport. He will not be a progress-stopper for your young guys, according to sources.
twenty-five snaps per game? 

Therefore can the Cowboys really obtain Witten to accept less? One way which could happen is if the other guys from the tight ends are producing. Let’ s take a look at the numbers for your tight ends in Witten’ s last season (2017) versus what happened this past year (2018).
Witten, by himself, acquired almost as many catches, he had a lot more touchdowns, and only fell behind within overall yards compared to 2018. To put it differently, in Witten’ s final season he was basically as efficient as the entire tight end dependant from 2018.
Of course, the Cowboys are hoping that the combo associated with Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz will improve some more after they started to occur strongly at the end of 2018. When Jerrika Garrett was asked about limiting Witten’ s number of plays, he had this particular response.

“ I think, to solve your question, I think over the last few years, as you get into Year fourteen, 15, I think [Witten] recognizes the importance of being able to take an exercise off in training camp, and I believe the same thing applies to how we would make use of him in a game right now. Their greatest strength is his competition, his desire, his drive to become a great football player and have an optimistic impact on our team. He’ ll visit all ends of the Earth in order to do that. 

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