Cowboys offense was so challengedCowboys Twitter wants to know why this type of solid defense collapsed in the playoffs? Now that the offseason is formally underway, we were feeling reflective with this past season. We decided to vote our Twitter audience to see precisely what was on the minds as we place this past year into the rear-view. BTB questioned and you all delivered, let’ t take a look at that frustrating ending versus the Rams.

What happened to our defense contrary to the rams.

Why do the Cowboys defense collapse versus the Rams after such a appealing season?

It starts upfront with all the Rams offensive line, which positioned third in rushing this season using a pretty stellar group of road-graders introducing the way. For a defensive line to operate properly each guy has to manage their assignment, which just didn’ t happen in Los Angeles. This wasn’ t the first time we observed a collapse like that, the 7 days 15 matchup with the Colts has been very similar.

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The Cowboys defensive range doesn’ t have a ton associated with size to begin with and they were to be honest manhandled at the point of assault and their defensive tackles had been overpowered. Both Todd Gurley plus C. J. Anderson were subsequent their blocks and punishing the particular Cowboys 4-3 front. The Cowboys defensive line relies on stunts, rather than blitz help, to cause interruption in the backfield.
What happens when the protection knows when and where those stunts are usually coming? You get what happened in the Rams game.

They’re the defensive line that really likes to shift a lot,  we had quite a good tell when they were likely to do that. Rams broke the code and had the particular Cowboys defensive line figured out.

The element of surprise, plus during Los Angeles’ s movie study in the week leading up to the overall game against Dallas, the Rams learned that the Cowboys defensive line has been tipping whether they were going to stop based on how they aligned before the click.

Depending on the alignment of the Cowboys protective tackles, particularly whether Maliek Collins was shaded closer to the deal with instead of the guard, the Rams thought a stunt may be coming. When the Rams saw Collins lined up somewhat wider than usual, they appeared for a second tell. If a particular Cowboys lineman had a specific hands on the ground— right or left— or if a player was tilted one way or the other, it verified what the Cowboys defensive line would definitely do.

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